ProVia is so much more in every box

Well, today ProVia can fill the Gap!
Introducing ProVia, the smart and reliable alternative for commercial vehicles budget spare parts

Let's face it. We know there are times when a customer does not want, or cannot afford, an original spare part. Yet, as a distributor you stake your reputation on the reliability and quality of the parts you supply. Until today, your choices were often limited to either high quality, but expensive, original parts or low end, and often low quality, substitutes.

ProVia is a commercial vehicle budget spare parts brand that delivers reliable performance, with no frills, yet no compromise on quality or safety for trucks, buses, and trailers. ProVia offers more than 90 products across key replacement categories, including brake pads, cartridges, coupling heads, relay valves, pressure limiting valves, rotary slide valves, wheel speed sensors, clutch servos, tristops as well as coiled and straight tubes. ProVia is available to distributors, workshops and fleet operators serving the commercial vehicle industry worldwide.


ProVia's quality and service standards also include a robust supply chain that delivers directly to your stock, helping you to ensure that the promises you make to your customers remains as reliable as our parts.

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ProVia’s product range can also be delivered in smaller, more manageable, minimum order quantities that offer a new level of convenience to your business. On top of that, working with the ProVia team could not be easier. You will find our relationships refreshingly simple: our seasoned sales and technical experts, supported by straightforward processes and fast responses, are ready to respond to your needs.

There are so many ways that we can demonstrate how ProVia has been created with your business in mind. So why not make now the perfect time to make space for ProVia on your shelves. With ProVia we do not just deliver a part, we deliver so much more in every box.

A no frills reliable budget spare parts range
A solid and flexible supply chain
An exciting new business opportunity for you

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ProVia is… the smart alternative

There are times when your customer is simply not looking to invest in an original part for their vehicle. Yet finding a reliable, budget alternative in the market today can often lead to parts of questionable quality, reliability and safety standards, as well as uncertain continuity of supply.

Introducing the smart alternative: ProVia.

ProVia parts, developed by aftermarket specialists specifically for the aftermarket, are engineered to meet a reliable performance standard, with no frills, yet no compromise on quality or safety. That is why ProVia delivers that ‘just right for the job’ promise that your customers are looking for.

ProVia is reputation

Your good name is a valuable asset that is worth protecting. We understand that every time you recommend a product, you rely on its performance. Fitting budget spares which then perform badly ultimately puts your hard-earned reputation at risk. Can you really afford for a part to let your reputation down?

ProVia parts are designed with one thing in mind; helping your customers to operate with confidence. A confidence that is built on knowing that you meet their needs for reliability and performance, with a readily available budget parts range.



ProVia is convenience

At ProVia we believe that convenience is critical to your success. From the second that you browse the ProVia catalogue until the moment that your customer receives their ProVia part from you, we fill your world with convenience.

The convenience of placing smaller quantity orders, the convenience of easy ordering, the convenience of reliable and speedy delivery, and the convenience of easy access to the best expertise and support ─ all aim to help your business to run more efficiently, and, dare we say, more conveniently for your customers too.

ProVia parts are all about convenience; globally available, fast ordering, short lead times, and with small minimum order quantities. What’s more, unlike many other ranges that feature a multitude of part numbers, ProVia offers the convenience of fewer parts specifically engineered to meet the requirements of a broader range of vehicle applications.

Invest in ProVia and you will soon discover why there is so much more in every box.



ProVia is trust

Working with a new supplier can often be awkwardly unfamiliar – forcing you to get to grips with unknown networks and processes. Not so with ProVia.

With ProVia, the name and the products might be different, but everything else will soon become reassuringly familiar. We blend our quality standards with a mature and reliable logistics network that is familiar to you supported by a strong order, processing and handling organization that has years of experience. It is our total package promise to you.

ProVia is here to stay and your ProVia sales representative – part of an established team of knowledgeable professionals - is here to look after you for the long-haul. Big or small, your ProVia business will be supported. Every time. On time.

Invest in ProVia and you will soon discover why there is so much more in every box.



ProVia is opportunity

Now you have access to a smart new budget choice for your business. It is called ProVia. ProVia offers you the first real alternative between original spare parts and low quality budget parts.

At last! Here is an aftermarket range you can put your name to. ProVia helps you grow your budget offering and, as a result, your business.

With ProVia you can deliver to your own market’s needs: safe and reliable products at a budget price that are all readily available in your region and delivered to you in easy-to-handle order sizes. This means less pressure on your cash flow and more opportunities for your business.

And that’s not all. Working with you, we are constantly looking to deliver new business opportunities to your doorstep, helping you grow your market share and business returns.

Invest in ProVia and you will soon discover why there is so much more in every box.