Air Dryer

Air dryers are installed between the air compressor and the reservoir on commercial trucks and busses. They are designed to filter out humid air and other contaminants before they are able to reach the vehicle’s downstream pneumatic systems.

The ProVia air dryer, in combination with the ProVia cartridge, is the first line of protection to a vehicle’s air compression system.



  • Universal design which covers multiple OE applications: serving 20 Original Equipment Manufacturer cross-references
  • Produced in Europe for global market needs

Key Features

  • High quality cartridge delivering outstanding drying performance in the field
  • Long durability in the system life cycle
  • Installed with a ProVia cartridge (M39×1.5 right-hand thread, easy assembly and disassembly)
  • High corrosion resistance thanks to surface protection
  • Separate ProVia heater available as an option

Standards & Quality

  • Engineered, tested and approved by Aftermarket specialists for Aftermarket needs


  • Excellent performance in the field
  • Serving multiple OE references with only 1 variant
  • The “no compromise on safety” choice

Benefits Comparison

ProVia Air Dryer | Cross References

ProVia part number OE part number OE Brand
PRO4000010 1505119 DAF
PRO4000010 1506409 DAF
PRO4000010 1506410 DAF
PRO4000010 1519202R DAF
PRO4000010 1526796 DAF
PRO4000010 A0004301215 EVOBUS/DAIMLER
PRO4000010 A0004301315 EVOBUS/DAIMLER
PRO4000010 A0004302915 EVOBUS/DAIMLER
PRO4000010 A0004303015 EVOBUS/DAIMLER
PRO4000010 A0004309815 EVOBUS/DAIMLER
PRO4000010 4301215 DAIMLER
PRO4000010 4301315 DAIMLER
PRO4000010 4302915 DAIMLER
PRO4000010 4303015 DAIMLER
PRO4000010 4309815 DAIMLER
PRO4000010 500070484 IVECO
PRO4000010 1518168 DAF
PRO4000010 II38308FN00 KNORR
PRO4000010 K024634N00 KNORR
PRO4000010 LA9034 KNORR
PRO4000020 A0004301515 EVOBUS/DAIMLER
PRO4100010 81521026369 MAN
PRO4100010 81521026368 MAN
PRO4100010 81521026367 MAN
PRO4100010 81521026223 MAN
PRO4100010 81521026219 MAN
PRO4100010 81521026209 MAN
PRO4100010 2V5607373C MAN
PRO4100010 81521026399 MAN
PRO4100010 K017710 KNORR
PRO4100010 LA8542 KNORR
PRO4100030 AL202707A JOHN DEERE
PRO4100030 2TA607349 MAN
PRO4100030 II30448 KNORR
PRO4100030 981819 IVECO
PRO4100030 502657308 DAIMLER
PRO4100030 1517963 DAF
PRO4100030 8285407000 EVOBUS/DAIMLER
PRO4100030 254559 GOLDHOFER
PRO4100030 500004419 IVECO
PRO4100030 980829 IVECO
PRO4100030 322795 KOGEL
PRO4100030 81521026027 MAN
PRO4100030 81521026048 MAN
PRO4100030 88521026001 MAN
PRO4100030 99100360471 MAN
PRO4100030 11017447 NEOPLAN
PRO4100030 47540D6400 NISSAN
PRO4100030 1932680 SCANIA
PRO4100030 29AD002 DAIMLER
PRO4100030 1505967 DAF
PRO4100030 7000343220 IVECO
PRO4100030 1183403 VOLVO
PRO4100030 1102734000 SOLARIS
PRO4100030 A0004318815 DAIMLER
PRO4100030 99100360454 MAN
PRO4100030 LA8234 KNORR
PRO4100040 1517967 DAF
PRO4100040 81521026024 MAN
PRO4100040 81521026097 MAN
PRO4100040 LA8254 KNORR
PRO4100040 LA8211 KNORR
PRO4100040 LA6222 KNORR
PRO4100040 LA8212 KNORR

ProVia Air Dryer | Cross References

ProVia Air Dryer Provia Heater
PRO 410 004 0 PRO 410 920 2
PRO 410 003 0 PRO 410 920 2
PRO 410 002 0 -
PRO 410 001 0 PRO 410 920 2
PRO 400 002 0 PRO 400 920 2
PRO 400 001 0 PRO 400 920 2

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