ProVia Air Processing Unit

The ProVia Air Processing Unit (APU) is a two-part system comprising a ProVia air dryer and a ProVia multi-circuit protection valve. It will dry and clean air supplied by the compressor, adjust pressure for the respective load circuits and provide overload protection.

The ProVia APU offers significantly better performance than budget brand competitors, and a longer operating life that greatly reduces maintenance downtime.



  • Engineered by European aftermarket specialists, created exclusively for the requirements of aftermarket customers.
  • Universal design covering multiple OE parts. Utilises the same position and installation method as OE components. Compatible with a wide range of OEM trucks and off-highway vehicles in heavy, medium and light-duty markets.
  • Optimised and economical two-part system consisting of ProVia Air Dryer and ProVia Multiple Circuit Protection Valve
  • Available with optional ProVia heater.

Key Features

  • Secures the pressure of the individual load circuits relative to each other and relative to atmospheric pressure.
  • In cases of circuit failure, will maintain pressure in the other circuits at the prescribed level. Subsequent operation of the system will allow pressurize circuits to be refilled to the opening pressure of the failed circuit.
  • Longer life component with significantly better drying performance and reliability when tested against other budget brands.

Standards & Quality

  • Max. operating pressure ≤13 bar.
  • Thermal operating range -40 °C to 80 °C.


  • Longer life for less maintenance downtime versus other budget brands.
  • Compatible with a wide range of trucks and buses across heavy, medium and light duty applications
  • Competitive prices with no compromises on safety.

Benefits Comparison

ProVia Air Processing Unit | Cross References

ProVia part number OE Brand OE part number
PRO1001000 DAF 1505230
PRO1001000 DAIMLER A0014316415
PRO1001000 DAIMLER A0014316515
PRO1001000 DAIMLER A0014316815
PRO1001000 DAIMLER A0014317815
PRO1001000 DAIMLER A0014317915
PRO1001000 DAIMLER A0014318215
PRO1001000 DAIMLER/ EVOBUS A0024310415
PRO1001000 DAIMLER/ EVOBUS A0024310515
PRO1001000 DAIMLER/ EVOBUS A0024310615
PRO1001000 DAIMLER/ EVOBUS A0024310715
PRO1001000 DAIMLER/ EVOBUS A0014318115
PRO0070070 DAIMLER/ EVOBUS A0024311515
PRO0070100 DAIMLER/ EVOBUS A0024313815
PRO0070100 EVOBUS 1935482
PRO1001000 FORD 6C462A131AA
PRO1001000 KNORR II35530
PRO1001000 KNORR II35530170
PRO1001000 KNORR II35531
PRO1001000 KNORR II38310F
PRO1001000 KNORR II38310F170
PRO1001000 KNORR II38310FN00 (IAM)
PRO1001000 KNORR II38311F
PRO1001000 KNORR II38311F170
PRO1001000 RENAULT TRUCKS 5021171136
PRO1001000 RENAULT TRUCKS 5021175244
PRO1001000 SCANIA 1935483
ProVia APU ProVia Heater
PRO 100 100 0 PRO 400 920 2


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