ProVia Cabin Levelling Valve

A ProVia cabin levelling valve improves driver comfort by maintaining a precise cab position. For cabs fitted with an air suspension system, the CLV will preserve the correct attitude , intelligently adapting to cabin load and a wide range of road conditions.

Designed specifically for the aftermarket, ProVia is a budget brand with no frills – but also zero compromises on safety. The ProVia CLV is a robust component you can depend on.



  • Six ProVia CLV variants, compatible with the widest range of trucks and buses across heavy, medium and light duty applications.
  • Engineered by European aftermarket specialists, created exclusively for the requirements of aftermarket customers.
  • Supported by an established global network for fast delivery. A cost-effective, competitivelypriced budget component: no-frills on price – but no compromises on safety.

Key Features

  • Intelligent, widely-compatible cabin levelling system, designed and tested by European aftermarket specialists.
  • Reliable and robust ceramic technology with polymer housing. Excellent corrosion resistance, proven in 96-hour neutral salt-spray tests, offering superior longevity to other budget brands.
  • Low air consumption and low weight for improved fuel economy, low noise for driver comfort. Reduced wear and low maintenance costs compared to valves with dynamic sealing.

Standards & Quality

  • Operating pressure: 11 bar
  • Max. operating pressure: 14 bar
  • Thermal range: -40 °C to 80 °C


  • Low regulation noise levels, increased driving comfort.
  • Robust ceramic and polymer construction, improved longevity
  • Low air consumption and low component weight, enhanced fuel economy
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Benefits Comparison

ProVia Cabin Levelling Valve | Cross References

ProVia part number OE Brand OE part number
PRO0070010 DAF 1505081
PRO0070010 DAF 759050
PRO0070010 FORD 3C465C100AA
PRO0070010 IVECO 8188642
PRO0070010 KÖGEL 332419
PRO0070010 MAN 4134534
PRO0070010 MAN 81436106129
PRO0070010 RENAULT 5021170189
PRO0070010 SCANIA 1934938
PRO0070030 VOLVO 20531967
PRO0070070 RENAULT 5010260136
PRO0070070 RENAULT 7420746465
PRO0070070 VOLVO 20746465
PRO0070100 MAN N2509990136
PRO0070100 RENAULT 5021170191
PRO0070100 SCANIA 1934939
PRO0070110 DAIMLER A0003284530
PRO0070110 EVOBUS A0003284530
PRO0070230 RENAULT 5010136105
PRO0070230 RENAULT 7420746460
PRO0070230 VOLVO 20746460


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