Chassis Levelling Valve

A Chassis Levelling Valve from ProVia provides suspension control for vehicles fitted with air springs. It precisely modulates compressed air in the suspension bellows as a ratio of the vehicle’s load. The Chassis Levelling Valve ensures a constant ride height, charging the air suspension during loading and venting when unloading. It has been designed as a cost-effective alternative to OE components with no compromise on safety. Available in a range of variants, it is designed for compatibility with a wide choice of OE systems.



  • Designed, engineered and tested by aftermarket specialists, created for aftermarket needs; manufactured in Europe for the global market
  • Two-function variants available: basic and height limitation with dual circuit design.
  • A competitively priced product that doesn’t compromise on safety. Compatible with a wide range of OE systems.

Key Features

  • Push-in coupling fittings in PRO 006 002 0 & PRO 006 004 0 variants.
  • Supply & delivery (bellow) ports include integrated air filters.
  • High corrosion resistance, as demonstrated in the 96h Neutral Salt Spray Test.
  • Highly reliable, long-life durability compared to budget alternatives.

Standards & Quality

  • Engineered, tested and approved by aftermarket specialists; designed for aftermarket needs.
  • In addition to temperature & endurance tests, the Chassis Levelling Valve undergoes diverse additional investigation, including a 96h Neutral Salt Spray Test.


  • Integrated air filters avoid contamination and ensure excellent functionality.
  • Longer working life versus other budget brands.
  • Four variants, compatible with a wide range of OE systems.
  • Competitive price, zero compromises on safety.

Benefits Comparison

Chassis Levelling Valve | Cross References

ProVia part number OE part number OE Brand
PRO0060010 F005268 Benalu / Fruehauf/ Otokar
PRO0060010 02.431.13.50.0 BPW
PRO0060010 236117100 Cojali
PRO0060010 461 501 9 Dimetal
PRO0060010 1260680 ERF
PRO0060010 8285499000 Evobus
PRO0060010 3852 Faymonville
PRO0060010 071432 Feldbinder
PRO0060010 XCT 2K432 AA Ford
PRO0060010 CF352131 Fruehauf
PRO0060010 162347 Goldhofer
PRO0060010 612 032 001 Haldex
PRO0060010 464/006/100/0 Hendrickson
PRO0060010 8.285.499.000.0 Kaessbohrer / Tirsan
PRO0060010 21151103151 Kaessbohrer / Tirsan
PRO0060010 2129007 Kempf
PRO0060010 I98289 Knorr Bremse
PRO0060010 SV 1410 Knorr Bremse
PRO0060010 318955 Kögel
PRO0060010 505808613 Krone
PRO0060010 1111173 Langendorf
PRO0060010 4110261 Lecitrailer
PRO0060010 EXABRB613 Leyland Daf
PRO0060010 5032 00001 Liebherr
PRO0060010 A05021256 Lohr
PRO0060010 000.566.1833 Mafi
PRO0060010 799158/70045868 Meiller
PRO0060010 2510 12 350 9507 NATO
PRO0060010 3323119 Noteboom
PRO0060010 495040 Orthaus
PRO0060010 4 425 0134 00 Saf/ Sauer
PRO0060010 4000721 Samro
PRO0060010 050637 Schmitz
PRO0060010 1103985 Schmitz
PRO0060010 27475 Schwarzmüller
PRO0060010 637213050 Van Hool
PRO0060010 1.013.140 Zorzi
PRO0060020 4001483 Samro
PRO0060020 F001572 Benalu
PRO0060020 02.4310.92.00 BPW
PRO0060020 236117002 Cojali
PRO0060020 461 423 8 Dimetal
PRO0060020 461 500 0 Dimetal
PRO0060020 8143280 Doll
PRO0060020 4027060 ERF
PRO0060020 5139 Faymonville
PRO0060020 001797 Feldbinder
PRO0060020 4C46 2K433AA Ford
PRO0060020 F001572 Fruehauf
PRO0060020 CF351950/F001572 Fruehauf
PRO0060020 157537 Goldhofer
PRO0060020 612 017 091 Haldex
PRO0060020 464/006/002/0 Hendrickson
PRO0060020 21151103150 Kaessbohrer
PRO0060020 923618.0001 Kalmar
PRO0060020 2129005 Kempf
PRO0060020 229600060 Kinglong
PRO0060020 II19425 Knorr Bremse
PRO0060020 SV 1307 Knorr Bremse
PRO0060020 SV 1395 Knorr Bremse
PRO0060030 312470 Kögel
PRO0060030 500945035/1 Krone
PRO0060030 1111172 Langendorf
PRO0060030 4110201 Lecitrailer
PRO0060030 5029 18201 Liebherr
PRO0060030 A05020507 Lohr
PRO0060030 000.566.1808 Mafi
PRO0060030 795113/39004636 Meiller
PRO0060030 309101 Noteboom
PRO0060030 495039 Orthaus
PRO0060030 5 261 00 001 0 Ppt
PRO0060030 5010260213 Renault
PRO0060030 498 000 490 00 Ritec
PRO0060030 04425010400 SAF/ Sauer
PRO0060030 4000932 Samro
PRO0060030 055634 Schmitz
PRO0060030 21884 Schwarzmüller
PRO0060030 21151103150 Tirsan
PRO0060030 -53810-D9400 UD Trucks (Nissan Diesel)
PRO0060030 10505355 Van Hool
PRO0060030 2TB412600A VW
PRO0060030 1.013.120 Zorzi
PRO0060040 6502260 Kögel
PRO0060040 A05021228 A Lohr
PRO0060040 1118421 Schmitz
PRO0060040 86425 Schwarzmüller


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