Coupling Heads

Coupling heads enable the pneumatic connection between a truck and trailer. It connects two separate lines of supply and control, to prevent incorrect coupling.



  • ProVia coupling heads have been engineered, tested and approved for aftermarket needs
  • Meet performance standard ISO 1728
  • Simplified body design resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Robust cover protects against dust

Key Features



    • Automatic
    • M16 x 1.5
    • Supply + Service Line
    • Yellow + Red color coding
    • With valve


    • Standard
    • M16 x 1.5
    • Supply + Service Line
    • Yellow + Red


    Standards & Quality

    • Engineered, tested and approved for aftermarket needs


    • The Zero compromise on safety choice
    • Engineered, tested and approved for aftermarket needs and proven validation through ISO 1728

    Benefits Comparison

    ProVia Coupling Heads | Cross References

    ProVia part number Vehicle Type Standard Cover Thread Remarks
    PRO2002210 Tractor ISO 1728 Red M16 With Valve
    PRO2002220 Tractor ISO 1728 Yellow M16 With Valve
    PRO2000210 Trailer ISO 1728 Red M16 Free Flow
    PRO2000220 Trailer ISO 1728 Yellow M16 Free Flow

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