Electrical Accessories

ProVia’s electrical accessory product range offers a comprehensive selection of solutions for connecting truck and trailer. Including sockets, plugs, adapter cables, 7-pole and 15-pole cables, the ProVia range of electrical accessories provides a cost-effective alternative to OE components without any compromises in vehicle safety, servicing a wide variety of trucks and trailers.



  • Manufactured in Europe for global market needs. Engineered and tested by aftermarket specialists, created for aftermarket customers
  • Compatible with the widest range of trucks and trailers.
  • A competitively-priced electrical accessory range that does not compromise safety.

Key Features

  • ProVia electrical accessory range meets ISO standards
  • Cables: 3.5 m working lengths; anti-kink protection; made from robust polyurethane.
  • Sockets: screw terminals and colour coding for easier wiring.
  • Plugs: seal protected.

Standards & Quality

  • Complete ProVia electrical accessory range is ADR/GGVS certified.
  • Operating range of -40 °C to 80 °C.
  • Coiled Cable ABS/EBS 7-pole, Socket 7-pin & Plug 7-pole meet ISO 7638 standard. Coiled Cable 15-pole, Adapter Cable, Socket 15-pin & Plug 15-pole meet ISO 12098 standard, connectors meet ISO 4091 standard.


  • Compatible with ABS (5-pole) & EBS (7-pole).
  • Adapter cable allows connection from 15-pole to 2x 7-pole.
  • Screwed Sockets with clear identification of pins, no special tools required for fitting.
  • Compatible with a wide range of trucks and trailers.

Benefits Comparison

ProVia Plugs & Sockets

ProVia part number Description Voltage (V) Temperature Range Mounting Type of pins Color Coding Certifications
PRO5310002 Socket ABS/ EBS 7-pin 24 V -40 °C to +80 °C screwed yes ISO 7638, ISO 4091, GGVS/ADR
PRO5310012 Socket 15-pin 24 V -40 °C to +80 °C screwed yes ISO 12098, ISO 4091, GGVS/ADR
PRO5310102 Plug ABS/EBS 7-pole 24 V -40 °C to +80 °C screwed yes ISO 7638, ISO 4091, GGVS/ADR
PRO5310112 Plug 15-pole 24 V -40 °C to +80 °C screwed yes ISO 12098, ISO 4091, GGVS/ADR

ProVia Coiled Cables

ProVia part number Description Voltage (V) No. of Coils Coil Overmolding Material Color of Coil Coil Diameter Working length Permissible Cable Extension Conductor Cross-Sections Temperature Range Color Kink Protection Certifications
PRO531000 Coiled Cable ABS/EBS 7-pole 24 V 29 ±2 PU black 50 ±5 3.5 m 4.0 m 3× 1.5 mm² + 2× 4 mm² + 2× 1.5 mm² -40 °C to +80 °C red ISO 7638, ISO 4091, GGVS/ADR
PRO5310010 Coiled Cable 15-pole 24 V 26 ±2 PU black 60 ±5 3.5 m 4.0 m 3× 2.5 mm² + 10× 1.5 mm² + 2× 1.5 mm² -40 °C to +80 °C blue ISO 12098, ISO 4091, GGVS/ADR
PRO5310020 Adapter Coil 15-pole to 2× 7-pole 24 V 36 ±2 PU black 40 ±5 3.5 m 4.0 m 6× 1.0 mm² + 1× 1.5 mm² -40 °C to +80 °C black ISO 12098, ISO 4091, GGVS/ADR


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