Foot Brake Valve

The ProVia Foot Brake Valve (FBV) is used for precise pressurisation and purge of pneumatic dual-circuit braking systems, actively controlling the braking process. It works in harness with actuating mechanisms across an extensive range of commercial vehicles. ProVia’s FBV is a competitive price unit that does not compromise safety. It is designed to secure both air circuits, allowing the vehicle to be operated safely at all times.



  • Designed and manufactured in Europe by aftermarket specialists, specifically for aftermarket requirements.
  • Universal design compatible with a wide range of global OE applications.
  • Offers significantly better performance than budget brand competitors and a longer operating life that greatly reduces maintenance downtime.

Key Features

  • Highly reliable due to robust design, zero compromises on safety.
  • Long durability and high corrosion resistance, proven in the 96h Neutral Salt Spray Test.
  • Pressure predominance of Circuit One versus Circuit Two is 0.15 bar to 0.3 bar.
  • Total travel until stop is available from 12.5 mm to 15 mm.

Standards & Quality

  • Engineered, tested and approved by aftermarket specialists for aftermarket needs.
  • Meets performance standard ECE-R13.
  • In addition to ECE-R13, the FBV undergoes diverse additional assessments including a 96h Neutral Salt Spray Test.


  • Excellent performance at competitive price with zero safety compromises.
  • Designed, engineered and tested in Europe by aftermarket specialists.
  • Five variants provide compatibility across a wide range of OE applications.
  • Attractive pricing, long durability, and high corrosion resistance.

Benefits Comparison

Foot Brake Valve | Cross References

ProVia Part number OE Brand OE part number
PRO 315 008 0 DAIMLER/ EVOBUS/ MERCEDES A0014318305
PRO 315 008 0 HYUNDAI/KIA B587105K200
PRO 315 008 0 IVECO 4783981
PRO 315 008 0 MAN 85.50001-4354
PRO 315 008 0 TATA DAEWOO Z442145010087
PRO 315 077 0 ANADOLU ISUZU 377774192051
PRO 315 077 0 CNHTC WG9719360005/1
PRO 315 077 0 IVECO 5801103156
PRO 315 180 0 PACCAR/ DAF 1504971
PRO 315 263 0 DAF 1522226
PRO 315 263 0 DAIMLER/EVOBUS/ MERCEDES A0044314105
PRO 315 264 0 DAIMLER/ MERCEDES A0044315905
PRO 315 264 0 DAIMLER/ MERCEDES A0044314605
PRO 315 264 0 PACCAR/ DAF 1518065


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