A heater can be fitted to an air dryer as an option. ProVia recommends the use of a heater as part of the air dryer system, ensuring the system operates at a normal operating temperature and to protect it in low temperature environments.



  • Separate heaters can be ordered as an option
  • Produced in Europe for global market needs

Key Features

  • High power efficiency
  • Designed to fit between heater and body connection
  • 70W

Standards & Quality

  • Engineered, tested and approved by Aftermarket specialists for Aftermarket needs


  • Excellent performance in the field
  • The “no compromise on safety” choice

Benefits Comparison

ProVia part number

ProVia Air Dryer ProVia Heater
PRO4100040 PRO4109202
PRO4100030 PRO4109202
PRO4100020 -
PRO4100010 PRO4109202
PRO4000020 PRO4009202
PRO4000010 PRO4009202
ProVia APU ProVia Heater
PRO 100 100 0 PRO 400 92 02

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