Multiple Circuit Protection Valve

The Multiple Circuit Protection Valve (MCPV) from ProVia provides pressure protection in multi-circuit braking systems. Used in a truck braking system, an MCPV distributes compressed air, adjusts pressure to the respective circuits and protects healthy circuits in cases of circuit failure.

ProVia’s MCPV offers significantly better performance than budget brand competitors and a longer operating life that greatly reduces maintenance downtime.



  • Distributes compressed air, adjusts pressure, protects healthy circuits in the event of circuit failure.
  • Universal design covering multiple OE applications. Compatible with a wide range of cartridges.
  • Engineered by European aftermarket specialists, created exclusively for the requirements of aftermarket customers.

Key Features

  • Longer life component than other budget brands, zero compromises on safety.
  • Wide functionality including bleedback utility, pressure-limiting valve, and a bypass function between ports 21 and 22.
  • Fully compatible with ProVia Air Dryers.
  • Sensor-equipped for pressure level monitoring.

Standards & Quality

  • Max. operating pressure ≤13 bar.
  • Thermal operating range for continuous operation: -40 °C to 80 °C.
  • Engineered, tested and approved for aftermarket requirements.
  • Opening pressure: 9.0 bar (circuit 1+2), 7.5 bar (circuit 3+4).
  • Closing pressure: ≥7.0 bar (circuit 1+2), ≥4.5 bar (circuit 3+4).
  • Pressure limiting: 10.0 bar (circuit 1+2), 8.5 bar (circuit 3+4).


  • Small batch sizes and rapid supply via a worldwide delivery network.
  • Longer life for less maintenance downtime versus other budget brands.
  • Compatible with the widest range of trucks and buses across heavy, medium and light duty applications.
  • Competitive prices with no compromises on safety.

Benefits Comparison

Multiple Circuit Protection Valve | Cross References

ProVia part number OE Brand OE part number
PRO 934 005 0 DAF 1505128
PRO 934 005 0 DAF 1519211R
PRO 934 005 0 DAIMLER A0034315406
PRO 934 005 0 DAIMLER A0034316106
PRO 934 005 0 DAIMLER A0034316806
PRO 934 005 0 DAIMLER/EVOBUS A0034315706
PRO 934 005 0 KNORR II37680
PRO 934 005 0 KNORR II37680004
PRO 934 005 0 KNORR II37680N50 (IAM)
PRO 934 005 0 KÖGEL 341420
PRO 934 005 0 MAN ZG046430002
PRO 934 005 0 RENAULT TRUCKS 5021170905
PRO 934 005 0 Sanwa Seiki 1571020002
PRO 934 005 0 SCANIA 1935509
PRO 934 005 0 SCANIA 1935510


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