Pressure Limiting Valve

Pressure limiting valves help ensure system pressures are kept below a desired upper limit and maintain a set pressure in relevant parts of the circuit. Most pneumatic systems are designed to operate within a preset pressure range. Without controlling or limiting these forces, power components (and expensive equipment) could be damaged.

The valves prevent the buildup of excessive pressure or vacuum which can unbalance the system. They are the safeguards which limit maximum pressure in a system by releasing it when it gets too high.



  • Universal design to cover multiple OE applications: serving 63 Original Equipment Manufacturer cross references with 15 variants.
  • Engineered, tested and approved by Aftermarket specialists for Aftermarket needs.
  • Jointly developed in Europe and India for global market needs.

Key Features

  • Reliable operating lifetime, reducing replacement rates.
  • Strong corrosion resistance.
  • Produced in Poland.

Standards & Quality

  • Normal operating pressure of 10 bar, with maximum of 20 bar.
  • One mounting hole of Ø 8.6 mm to accommodate M8 stud.
  • Two mounting holes of Ø 8.6 mm with 56 mm pitch.


  • Reliable operating lifetime and strong corrosion resistance.
  • Serving a large range of OE references with only 15 variants.
  • Quick delivery in small lot sizes.

Benefits Comparison

Pressure Limiting Valve | Cross References

ProVia part number OE part number Brand
PRO0103000 81521016269 MAN
PRO0103000 594507C700 HYUNDAI
PRO0103000 3454402440 DAEWOO
PRO0103000 1505392 DAF
PRO0103000 1260667 MAN
PRO0103010 4750103010 DAEWOO
PRO0103010 1518113 DAF
PRO0103010 81.52101.6270 MAN
PRO0103010 1518113 PACCAR
PRO0103010 1935018 SCANIA
PRO0103010 4750103010 TATRA
PRO0103020 1406784 DAF
PRO0103020 2090272 SCANIA
PRO0103140 1518115 DAF
PRO0103140 A0054290444 DAIMLER
PRO0103140 81521016283 MAN
PRO0103170 1518116 DAF
PRO0103170 81521016284 MAN
PRO0103180 1531568 DAF
PRO0103180 A0044299644 DAIMLER
PRO0103180 A0044299644001 DAIMLER
PRO0103180 81521016287 MAN
PRO0103320 A0054290344 DAIMLER
PRO0103330 1531548 DAF
PRO0103330 81521016295 MAN
PRO0103330 1528899 PACCAR
PRO0150040 1517895 DAF
PRO0150040 5006002630 IVECO
PRO0150040 81521016153 MAN
PRO0150040 A0024311206 MERCEDES-BENZ
PRO0150040 11017339 NEOPLAN
PRO0150040 1102.432.00 NEOPLAN
PRO0150040 1517895 PACCAR
PRO0150040 1935023 SCANIA
PRO0150050 1505095 DAF
PRO0150050 A0024312406 DAIMLER
PRO0150050 A0024312406 DAIMLER
PRO0150050 A0024312406002 DAIMLER
PRO0150050 82521016036 MAN
PRO0150050 A0024312406 MERCEDES-BENZ
PRO0150050 1505095 PACCAR
PRO0150050 5021170206 RENAULT
PRO0150050 1935024 SCANIA
PRO0150260 21076527 VOLVO
PRO0150680 1725688 DAF
PRO0150720 1505097 DAF
PRO0150720 1524015 DAF
PRO0150720 1531547 DAF
PRO0150720 1531547 DAF
PRO0150720 8169587 IVECO
PRO0150720 8169587 IVECO
PRO0150720 1505097 PACCAR
PRO0150720 1524015 PACCAR
PRO0150720 1528902 PACCAR
PRO0150720 1708305 PACCAR
PRO0150720 7421339179 RENAULT
PRO0150720 1935026 SCANIA
PRO0150720 E331200 SKODA
PRO0150720 20382312 VOLVO
PRO0150720 21339179 VOLVO
PRO0150730 21339181 VOLVO
PRO0155120 906782 DAF
PRO0155120 A0034318906 DAIMLER
PRO0155120 906782 PACCAR


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