ProVia Relay Emergency Valve

A ProVia Relay Emergency Valve (REV) controls a two-line trailer brake system actuated by the braking system of the tractor. The product controls the emergency brake function, triggering automatic trailer braking when a partial or total pressure drop is detected in the supply line. Available in variants compatible with a wide variety of OE systems, the ProVia REV is a cost-effective alternative to OE components.



  • Produced in Europe for global market needs. Engineered and tested by aftermarket specialists,
    created for aftermarket needs.
  • Three variants with predominance function, two variants with release function to move the
    trailer manually. Compatible with a comprehensive range of OE brake systems.
  • A competitively priced product that doesn’t compromise on safety.

Key Features

  • Release function to move the trailer manually.
  • Automatic braking function in case of supply line evacuation or tractor/trailer disconnection.
  • High corrosion resistance, as demonstrated in the 96 hours Neutral Salt Spray Test.
  • Highly reliable, long-life durability compared to budget alternatives.

Standards & Quality

  • Engineered, tested and approved by aftermarket specialists; designed for Aftermarket needs.
  • Meets performance standard ECE-R13.
  • In addition to ECE-R13, the REVs undergo diverse additional tests, including a 96 hours Neutral Salt Spray Test.

Benefits Comparison

ProVia Relay Emergency Valve| Cross References

ProVia part number OE Brand OE part number
PRO6480010 DAF 1359971
PRO6480010 FAYMONVILLE 10553
PRO6480010 GOLDHOFER 163414
PRO6480010 KRONE 58111590
PRO6480010 LECITRAILER 4110691
PRO6480010 MAN N2521160024
PRO6480010 MEILLER 796894
PRO6480010 NOTEBOOM 308033
PRO6480010 RENAULT 5021208761
PRO6480010 SCHMITZ 52504
PRO6480020 FAYMONVILLE 46031
PRO6480020 FELDBINDER 297449
PRO6480020 GOLDHOFER 167732
PRO6480020 KRONE 5816897/0
PRO6480020 LOHR A05021208
PRO6480020 MAN N2521160026
PRO6480020 MEILLER 706060
PRO6480020 NOTEBOOM 1745134
PRO6480020 PACCAR 1506171
PRO6480020 RENAULT 5021208823
PRO6480020 SCANIA 1912351
PRO6480020 SCHMITZ 1042995
PRO6480020 TIRSAN 21150110046
PRO6480030 DAF 1519310
PRO6480030 GOLDHOFER 163413
PRO6480030 LIEBHERR 502814801
PRO6480030 MEILLER 799027 / 70143221
PRO6480030 SCANIA 2090079
PRO6480030 SCHMITZ 53355
PRO6480030 SCHMITZ 8283884000
PRO6480040 DAF/PACCAR 1519312
PRO6480040 FAYMONVILLE 10549
PRO6480040 SCANIA 2090081
PRO6480040 SCHMITZ 1060752


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