Relay Valves

Relay valves rapidly increase or decrease the pressure of compressed air and shorten the response and pressure build-up times in air braking systems. Relay valves not only help to rapidly pressurize the brake cylinders, but also act as quick-release valves when the brakes are released.



    • Relay valves have been engineered, tested and approved for aftermarket needs
    • A range of highly reliable valves. These are designed to serve as spare parts for your commercial vehicle (truck, trailer & bus)
    • With a range of 5 variants, ProVia is able to serve over 20 Original Equipment manufacturer cross references

      Key Features

      • Enhanced safety and improved vehicle handling
      • Universal design
      • Snap-fit silencer with smaller diameter
      • Exhaust spout is part of the lower body for silencer fitment in field if required
      • Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
      • Thermal range: -40°C to +80°C

      Standards & Quality

      • Engineered, tested and approved for aftermarket needs


      • Range of highly reliable valves with consistent quality level
      • Serving a large range of Original Equipment references with only 5 variants from ProVia
      • The Zero compromise on safety choice

      Benefits Comparison

      ProVia Relay Valves | Cross References

      ProVia part number OE part number OE Brand
      PRO0110000 1518271 DAF
      PRO0110000 A0044299444 EVOBUS
      PRO0110000 81521166089 MAN
      PRO0110000 5010588270 RENAULT
      PRO0110000 1935668 SCANIA
      PRO0110000 20733197 VOLVO
      PRO0110010 1519332 DAF
      PRO0110010 6501083 KOGEL
      PRO0110010 505818121 KRONE
      PRO0110010 10167536 LIEBHERR
      PRO0110010 ZG046570002 MAN
      PRO0110010 1935666 SCANIA
      PRO0110020 1504903 DAF
      PRO0110020 ZG046560002 MAN
      PRO0110020 1935660 SCANIA
      PRO0110030 1518267 DAF
      PRO0110030 A0044296344 DAIMLER
      PRO0110030 A0044296344 EVOBUS
      PRO0110030 81521166075 MAN
      PRO0110030 1935646 SCANIA
      PRO0110040 5021172710 DAF
      PRO0110040 1505410 DAF
      PRO0110040 81436066008 MAN
      PRO0110040 0024733006 MERCEDES-BENZ
      PRO0110040 A0034291344 MERCEDES-BENZ
      PRO0110040 2090235 SCANIA
      PRO0110040 1322986 SCANIA
      PRO0110040 1313871 SCANIA
      PRO0110040 2090237 SCANIA
      PRO0110040 8285438000 SETRA
      PRO0110040 11117866 VOLVO
      PRO0110040 3173150 VOLVO
      PRO0110050 2131071 SCANIA
      PRO0110050 1411244 SCANIA
      PRO0110060 1506485 DAF
      PRO0110060 A0044293844 DAIMLER
      PRO0110060 81521166070 ERF
      PRO0110060 81521166070 MAN
      PRO0110060 004429384480 MERCEDES-BENZ
      PRO0110060 2090236 SCANIA
      PRO0110070 A0044296244 DAIMLER
      PRO0110070 5001843220 FIAT
      PRO0110070 11017334 MAN
      PRO0110070 0044297844 MERCEDES-BENZ
      PRO0110070 2090239 SCANIA
      PRO0110070 2090238 SCANIA
      PRO0110070 20590781 VOLVO
      PRO0110080 1703663 PACCARD/LEYLAND
      PRO0110090 AC574AXY KNORR
      PRO0110090 AC574AY KNORR
      PRO0110090 E41031426 MAN

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