Rotary Slide Valve

A Rotary Slide Valve controls the raising and lowering of airsuspension based vehicles with a hand lever. ProVia offers a robust, cost attractive, high performance Rotary Slide valve.



  • Universal design that covers the majority of OEM references
  • Robust zinc alloy handle for reliable performance and long durability
  • Produced in Europe for global needs

Key Features

  • High durability based on robust material reduces the replacement rate of this component compared to other budget parts
  • High corrosion resistance proven in the 96h Neutral Salt Spray Test
  • Low leakage rates for long durability

Standards & Quality

  • Engineered, tested and approved by Aftermarket specialists for Aftermarket needs


  • Robust and reliable design at attractive cost
  • Reliable lifetime
  • No compromise on safety

Benefits Comparison

ProVia Rotary Slide Valve | Cross References

ProVia part number OE part number OE Brand
PRO0320200 8025172000 EvoBus
PRO0320200 1506100 DAF
PRO0320200 500002862 Iveco
PRO0320200 81436196006 MAN
PRO0320200 243112800 BPW
PRO0320200 500945047 Krone
PRO0320200 F001882 Benalu
PRO0320200 159118 Goldhofer
PRO0321200 1016901 Feldbinder
PRO0321200 21151103133 Kaessbohrer
PRO0321200 338023/0 Kögel
PRO0321200 505813933 Krone
PRO0321200 4110861 Lecitrailer
PRO0321200 1934915 Scania
PRO0321200 21151103133 Tirsan
PRO0322200 6503484 Kögel
PRO0322200 515003585 Krone
PRO0322200 2089913 Scania


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