Spring Brake Actuator

Spring Brake Actuators consist of both a service and a parking chamber. The air pressure applied into the service chamber is converted into mechanical output force. The parking chamber provides the mechanical braking force to park the vehicle. In addition, a mechanical release arrangement is provided in the unit to release the parking brake after brake failure.

ProVia offers a cost attractive, high performance Spring Brake Actuators for commercial vehicles.



  • ProVia Spring Brake actuators have an universal design to cover a wide range of OE applications
  • They offer a significantly longer lifetime in terms of operating cycles compared to many other budget actuators
  • Company engineers in India and Europe concluded that ProVia Spring Brake actuators show a much higher corrosion resistance, higher max. operating pressure (13 vs. 10 bar) and higher OEM coverage in comparative tests with similar budget parts.
  • With only 15 variants, ProVia is able to serve an impressive range of more than 200 Original Equipment manufacturer cross references

Key Features

  • Much longer lifetime and better corrosion resistance reduces the replacement rate of this component compared to other budget parts
  • Internal Breathing Valve (IBV) provides clean and dry air protection against aggressive environmental conditions extending the lifetime of the device. Most competitor chambers breathe with external holes in the rear housing.
  • Engineered, tested and approved by Aftermarket specialists for Aftermarket needs

Standards & Quality

  • Max. Operation pressure up to 13 bar
  • Stroke length 57 / 65
  • Clamp ring orientation


  • More operating cycles, IBV and better corrosion resistance
  • Serving a large range of OE references with only 15 variants
  • Quick delivery in small lot sizes

Benefits Comparison

ProVia Spring Brake Actuators | Cross References

ProVia part number Brand OE part number
PRO4200010 DAF 1519152
PRO4200010 MAN 81504106607
PRO4200010 MAN 81504106703
PRO4200010 MAN 81504106704
PRO4200010 EVOBUS A0164201318
PRO4200010 MERCEDES-BENZ A0164204018
PRO4200010 DAF 1505191R
PRO4210020 FAYMONVILLE 84233
PRO4210020 DAF 867215
PRO4210020 DAF 1487296
PRO4210020 DAF 1519158
PRO4210020 DAF 1523549
PRO4210020 DAF 1602680
PRO4210020 DAF 1602681
PRO4210020 SCANIA 2089719
PRO4210020 LIEBHERR 571538008
PRO4210020 MAN 81504106608
PRO4210020 MAN 81504106609
PRO4210020 MAN 81504106610
PRO4210020 EVOBUS A0234204918
PRO4210020 SCANIA 1935401
PRO4210020 SCANIA 1935471
PRO4210020 DAF 0867215R
PRO4210020 DAF 1487296R
PRO4210020 DAF 1523549R
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1313803
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1313813
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1313829
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1313830
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1446036
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1446037
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1446038
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1446039
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1446040
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1505333
PRO4300010 SCANIA 570830
PRO4300010 SCANIA 570823
PRO4300010 SCANIA 571145
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1935409
PRO4300010 DAF 1505198R
PRO4300010 SCANIA 571775
PRO4300010 DAF 1505114R
PRO4300010 SCANIA 571776
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1935410
PRO4300010 SCANIA 571777
PRO4300010 DAF 1519176R
PRO4300010 SCANIA 1740206
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1313819
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1313821
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1313822
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1372909
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1372910
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1372911
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1412859
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1412860
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1446042
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1446043
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1446048
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1446049
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1446050
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1505334
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1505335
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1505336
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1734796
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1903631
PRO4310010 SCANIA 570834
PRO4310010 SCANIA 570844
PRO4310010 SCANIA 571778
PRO4310010 DAF 1505115R
PRO4310010 SCANIA 570845
PRO4310010 SCANIA 570835
PRO4310010 DAF 1505199R
PRO4310010 SCANIA 571784
PRO4310010 SCANIA 1935411
PRO4611010 GIGANT 19123
PRO4611010 GIGANT 19124
PRO4611010 GIGANT 19125
PRO4611010 DAF 884491
PRO4611010 NOOTEBOOM 1664248
PRO4611010 NOOTEBOOM 1664252
PRO4611010 SCANIA 1935452
PRO4611010 SCANIA 2079867
PRO4611010 FONTENAX 2100382
PRO4611010 FONTENAX 2100383
PRO4611010 VOLVO 3197932
PRO4611010 VOLVO 3197933
PRO4611010 VOLVO 3987614
PRO4611010 LECITRAILER 4112029
PRO4611010 LIEBHERR 10218885
PRO4611010 LIEBHERR 11080017
PRO4611010 VOLVO 20386381
PRO4611010 VOLVO 20386416
PRO4611010 VOLVO 20401590
PRO4611010 VOLVO 20401591
PRO4611010 VOLVO 20409105
PRO4611010 VOLVO 20466070
PRO4611010 VOLVO 20466071
PRO4611010 VOLVO 20466072
PRO4611010 VOLVO 20466073
PRO4611010 IVECO 500590358
PRO4611010 TEREX-DEMAG 19920112
PRO4611010 MERCEDES-BENZ A0244200918
PRO4611010 MERCEDES-BENZ A0244201018
PRO4611010 VOLVO 8113459
PRO4611010 SCANIA 8500253
PRO4611010 VOLVO 85000253
PRO4800100 ROSENBAUER 542529
PRO4800100 ROSENBAUER 542530
PRO4800100 DAF 1506681
PRO4800100 DAF 1519442
PRO4800100 DAF 1524581
PRO4800100 DAF 1530832
PRO4800100 DAF 1530833
PRO4800100 SCANIA 2131116
PRO4800100 TEREX-DEMAG 19817912
PRO4800100 MERCEDES-BENZ A0154204318
PRO4800100 MERCEDES-BENZ A0204202218
PRO4800100 MERCEDES-BENZ A0204203518
PRO4800100 MERCEDES-BENZ A0204203618
PRO4800100 MERCEDES-BENZ A0194205418
PRO4800100 MERCEDES-BENZ A0194205518
PRO4800100 MERCEDES-BENZ A0204202118
PRO4800100 MERCEDES-BENZ A0204202318
PRO4800100 MERCEDES-BENZ A0204202418
PRO4800100 MERCEDES-BENZ A0204203318
PRO4800100 MERCEDES-BENZ A0204203418
PRO4810120 DAF 1519378
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0194205618
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0194205718
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0234205318
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0234205418
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0154209318
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0154209318
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0234207018
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0234207118
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0234208118
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0234208218
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0234208318
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0234208418
PRO4810120 EVOBUS A0234208518
PRO4810120 MERCEDES-BENZ A0234208618
PRO4810500 VOLVO 20522028
PRO4810500 VOLVO 20522029
PRO4810500 VOLVO 20522030
PRO4810500 VOLVO 20522031
PRO4810500 RENAULT 20533213
PRO4810500 RENAULT 20573922
PRO4810500 RENAULT 20573923
PRO4810500 VOLVO 20721845
PRO4810500 VOLVO 20721846
PRO4810500 VOLVO 20721847
PRO4810500 VOLVO 20742392
PRO4810500 VOLVO 20742393
PRO4810500 VOLVO 20742394
PRO4810500 RENAULT 20809444
PRO4810500 RENAULT 20809445
PRO4810500 VOLVO 20844352
PRO4810500 VOLVO 20844353
PRO4810500 RENAULT 21283616
PRO4810500 RENAULT 21283617
PRO4810500 RENAULT 21283618
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21283629
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21283628
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21323797
PRO4810500 RENAULT 21326197
PRO4810500 RENAULT 21326198
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21326199
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21326200
PRO4810500 RENAULT 21326201
PRO4810500 RENAULT 21326202
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21326203
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21423487
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21444612
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21596226
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21596227
PRO4810500 RENAULT 21596228
PRO4810500 RENAULT 21596229
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21752714
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21752715
PRO4810500 VOLVO 21869990
PRO4810500 VOLVO 22080445
PRO4810500 VOLVO 22080446
PRO4810500 RENAULT 22080447
PRO4810500 RENAULT 22080448
PRO4810500 VOLVO 22273774
PRO4810500 VOLVO 22273775
PRO4810500 RENAULT 24425719
PRO4810500 RENAULT 24425720
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7420522028
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7420522029
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7420533213
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7420573922
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7420573923
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7420721845
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7420809445
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7421283616
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7421283617
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7421283618
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7421326201
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7421326202
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7421401943
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7421401944
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7421596228
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7421596229
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7422080447
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7422080448
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7424425719
PRO4810500 RENAULT 7424425720
PRO4810500 SCANIA 1935462
PRO4810500 VOLVO 85000466
PRO4810500 VOLVO 85000607
PRO4810500 VOLVO 85000635
PRO4810500 VOLVO 85003834
PRO4810500 DAF 1527168R
PRO4810500 DAF 1527601R
PRO4810500 DAF 1528230R
PRO4910010 VOLVO 20533195
PRO4910010 VOLVO 20533196
PRO4910010 VOLVO 20533197
PRO4910010 VOLVO 20533198
PRO4910010 VOLVO 20533199
PRO4910010 VOLVO 20533200
PRO4910010 RENAULT 20713921
PRO4910010 RENAULT 20713922
PRO4910010 VOLVO 21011720
PRO4910010 VOLVO 21011721
PRO4910010 VOLVO 21011722
PRO4910010 VOLVO 21027722
PRO4910010 VOLVO 21027725
PRO4910010 VOLVO 21027732
PRO4910010 VOLVO 21027734
PRO4910010 VOLVO 21794667
PRO4910010 VOLVO 21795851
PRO4910010 VOLVO 21988040
PRO4910010 VOLVO 22067390
PRO4910010 VOLVO 22067391
PRO4910010 VOLVO 22080434
PRO4910010 RENAULT 22080435
PRO4910010 VOLVO 22152604
PRO4910010 VOLVO 22303995
PRO4910010 VOLVO 22303997
PRO4910010 RENAULT 7420533196
PRO4910010 RENAULT 7420533199
PRO4910010 RENAULT 7420713921
PRO4910010 RENAULT 7420713922
PRO4910010 RENAULT 7420815460
PRO4910010 RENAULT 7420974639
PRO4910010 RENAULT 7420974642
PRO4910010 RENAULT 7421380908
PRO4910010 RENAULT 7422080435
PRO4910010 VOLVO 85000576
PRO4910010 VOLVO 85000580
PRO4910010 VOLVO 85000581
PRO4910010 VOLVO 85003171
PRO4910010 DAF 1505463R
PRO4910010 SCANIA 1935413
PRO4910020 MERCEDES-BENZ A0194209118
PRO4910020 MERCEDES-BENZ A0194209218
PRO4910030 MERCEDES-BENZ A0194207718
PRO4910030 MERCEDES-BENZ A0194207818
PRO4320010 MERCEDES-BENZ A0114205918
PRO4320010 EVOBUS A0114205918
PRO4320010 MERCEDES-BENZ A0144200018
PRO4320010 EVOBUS A0144200018
PRO4320010 MERCEDES-BENZ A0144200118
PRO4320010 EVOBUS A0144200118
PRO4320010 MERCEDES-BENZ A0114205818
PRO4320010 EVOBUS A0114205818
PRO4320010 VOLVO 20466209
PRO4320010 SCANIA 1313823
PRO4320010 SCANIA 1367493
PRO4320010 SCANIA 1446056
PRO4320010 SCANIA 571788
PRO4320010 MERCEDES-BENZ A0114209118
PRO4320010 MERCEDES-BENZ A0144200018
PRO4320010 MERCEDES-BENZ A0144200118
PRO4320010 SCANIA 1505338
PRO4320010 SCANIA 2385751
PRO4920010 KAMAZ 960-3519300
PRO4920020 UD TRUCK 44320NA03A
PRO4920020 UD TRUCK 44320NA03B
PRO4920020 HINO S49UO-EOF60
PRO4920020 HINO S49UO-EOJ20
PRO4990010 RENAULT 5010216959
PRO4990010 RENAULT 5010260960
PRO4990010 RENAULT 5010251265
PRO4990010 VOLVO 20533210
PRO4990010 VOLVO 20533211
PRO4990010 RENAULT 7421994025
PRO4990010 RENAULT 21994025
PRO4990010 VOLVO 21994025
PRO4990010 VOLVO 21994026
PRO4990010 VOLVO 21569207
PRO4990010 VOLVO 21988037
PRO4990010 MERITOR 3276-X-1142
PRO4990010 MERITOR 3276-Y-1143

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