Trailer Release Valve

The ProVia Trailer Release Valve (TRV) releases the brakes on an uncoupled trailer, allowing it to be moved independent of the tractor unit. The TRV has been designed as a cost-effective alternative to OE components with no compromise on safety. It is available in a range of variants, designed for compatibility with a wide choice of OE systems.



  • Designed and manufactured in Europe by aftermarket specialists, specifically for the requirements of the global aftermarket.
  • Compatible with a comprehensive range of OE brake systems. Competitively priced with zero compromises on safety.
  • Available as a discharge valve with flange, without flange and as a double discharge valve.

Key Features

  • Release function to move an uncoupled trailer.
  • High corrosion resistance, proven in the 96 h Neutral Salt Spray Test.
  • Long-life durability compared to budget alternatives.
  • Robust design, highly reliable.

Standards & Quality

  • Engineered, tested and approved by aftermarket specialists; designed for global aftermarket needs.
  • Proven in the 96 h Neutral Salt Spray Test.


  • Rugged, durable, high corrosion resistance.
  • Five variants, compatible with a comprehensive range of OE systems.
  • Competitive price, no compromises on safety.

Benefits Comparison

ProVia Trailer Release Valve | Cross References

ProVia part number Brand OE part number
PRO5270010 Benalu 605252200
PRO5270010 Faymonville 01019
PRO5270010 Feldbinder 006675
PRO5270010 Fruehauf A-71519M70-A11
PRO5270010 Goldhofer 160191
PRO5270010 Hendrickson 963/001/012/0
PRO5270010 Kaessbohrer 82851740000
PRO5270010 Kempf 2102004
PRO5270010 Knorr II36134
PRO5270010 Krone 500945418
PRO5270010 Langendorf 1133253
PRO5270010 Lohr A05020209
PRO5270010 Nooteboom 308066
PRO5270010 Orthaus 495058
PRO5270010 Renault 5021170423
PRO5270010 Samro 4000009
PRO5270010 Schmitz 050304
PRO5270010 Schwarzmüller 4629
PRO5270010 Van Hool 637209540
PRO5270010 Zorzi 6.169.370
PRO5270020 Feldbinder 011626
PRO5270020 Goldhofer 163623
PRO5270020 Knorr AE4232 II36133
PRO5270020 Kögel 185055
PRO5270020 Nooteboom 0308065
PRO5270020 Schmitz 50309
PRO5270020 Schwarzmüller 23740
PRO5270040 Benalu 605323000
PRO5270040 Faymonville 1020
PRO5270040 Feldbinder 006712
PRO5270040 Fruehauf A-FA4271-008
PRO5270040 Goldhofer 152092
PRO5270040 Haldex 352018001
PRO5270040 Hendrickson 963/006/001/0
PRO5270040 Kempf 2102005
PRO5270040 Knorr AE4217 II36160 II36160AT
PRO5270040 Krone 500945021
PRO5270040 Langendorf 1133255
PRO5270040 Lecitrailer 4110241
PRO5270040 Lohr A05020211
PRO5270040 Meiller 796890 39004882
PRO5270040 Neoplan 7128000
PRO5270040 Nooteboom 308063
PRO5270040 Orthaus 495 011 010 00
PRO5270040 Otokar A-IF0772
PRO5270040 Samro 4000227
PRO5270040 Schmitz 053010
PRO5270040 Schwarzmüller 9141
PRO5270040 Terex-Demag 324 136 40
PRO5270040 Zorzi 1.013.065
PRO5270050 Doll 7069646
PRO5270050 Faymonville 7886
PRO5270050 Feldbinder 6916
PRO5270050 Goldhofer 164265
PRO5270050 Haldex 352044001 352045001
PRO5270050 Kaessbohrer 21151103260 8283012000
PRO5270050 Kempf 2102006
PRO5270050 Knorr AE4247 II36131
PRO5270050 Kögel 336490
PRO5270050 Krone 505812423 5812423/0
PRO5270050 Langendorf 1133254
PRO5270050 Liebherr 10102276
PRO5270050 Lohr A05021210
PRO5270050 Meiller 796892 39004884
PRO5270050 Neoplan 07133.000
PRO5270050 Nooteboom 1319581
PRO5270050 Orthaus 495060
PRO5270050 Otokar A-IF0503
PRO5270050 Samro 4001199
PRO5270050 Schmitz 052190 1060742
PRO5270050 Schwarzmüller 36006
PRO5270050 Tirsan 21151103260
PRO5270050 Zorzi 1.013.171
PRO5270060 Haldex 352044001
PRO5270060 Hendrickson 963/001/052/0
PRO5270060 Knorr AE4230 II36128
PRO5270060 Otokar A-IF0944
PRO5270060 Samro 4001059
PRO5270060 Schmitz 114017
PRO5270060 Zorzi 1.013.165


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