Wheel Speed Sensors

A wheel speed sensor (WSS) is a device designed to read the speed of a vehicle's wheel rotation. The system also monitors the proper functioning of a range of features, including brake performance, ensuring vehicle safety.

ProVia wheel speed sensors are contactless and use alternating voltage outputs to correspond to the actual wheel speed rotation, passing the information to the vehicle’s electronics system.



  • Engineered, tested and approved by aftermarket specialists for aftermarket needs.
  • ProVia wheel speed sensors have an universal design to cover a majority of OE applications.
  • A unique clamping bush and grease pack is included for all variants.
  • With 17 variants, ProVia is able to serve a range of 105 Original Equipment Manufacturer cross references.

Key Features

  • A short coil twist design ensures reduced noise generated to the ECU which avoids malfunction.
  • A robust crimped connection between sensor head and cable.
  • Performs reliably in temperatures up to 150⁰C.

Standards & Quality

  • Mounting: Standard Head Dimensions.
  • Interface: Standard End Connectors.
  • Thermal range:

    • coil area: - 40 °C ... + 200 °C
    • sensor head: - 40 °C ... + 150 °C
    • sensor cable: - 40 °C ... + 180 °C
    • end connector: - 40 °C ... + 80 °C


  • Reliable performance and lifetime.
  • Serving a large range of OE references with only 17 variants.
  • The “no compromise on safety” choice.

Benefits Comparison

ProVia Wheel Speed Sensors | Cross References

ProVia part number OE part number OE Brand
PRO0320000 1778554 DAF
PRO0320000 1361393 DAF
PRO0320000 1315698 DAF
PRO0320000 1504951 DAF
PRO0320000 1518724 DAF
PRO0320000 ZG005610007 MAN
PRO0320000 1778554 PACCAR
PRO0320000 1361393 PACCAR
PRO0320000 1504951 PACCAR
PRO0320000 2149659 SCANIA
PRO0320000 1934570 SCANIA
PRO0320000 1934568 SCANIA
PRO0320000 2090021 SCANIA
PRO0320000 5801115879 IVECO
PRO0320000 500070461 IVECO
PRO0320000 9441032808 IVECO
PRO0320000 1102905340 SOLARIS
PRO0320000 A0025423118 DAIMLER
PRO0320000 16N00-05728-BA OTOKAR
PRO0320000 A0025423118 EVOBUS
PRO0320000 A0025423118 MERCEDES
PRO0320000 5010604322 RENAULT
PRO0320000 5021170122 RENAULT
PRO0320000 5021170121 RENAULT
PRO0320010 1506003 DAF
PRO0320010 1504929 DAF
PRO0320010 2090023 SCANIA
PRO0320010 1934569 SCANIA
PRO0320010 1504929 PACCAR
PRO0320010 1506003 PACCAR
PRO0320010 4460000009 IVECO
PRO0320010 98CT2B372AA FORD
PRO0320010 94600.7A150 HYUNDAI
PRO0320010 946007A150 HYUNDAI
PRO0320010 5010422332 RENAULT
PRO0320010 5021170123 RENAULT
PRO0320020 A0015427818 DAIMLER
PRO0320020 A0015427818 EVOBUS
PRO0320020 A0015427819 MERCEDES
PRO0320020 1529040 PACCAR
PRO0320020 A0015426818 DAIMLER
PRO0320020 A0015426818 EVOBUS
PRO0320030 A0015428718 DAIMLER
PRO0320030 A0015428718 EVOBUS
PRO0320030 A0015428718 MERCEDES
PRO0320030 1518008 DAF
PRO0320030 1518008 PACCAR
PRO0320030 5006010272 IVECO
PRO0320030 0720.387.939 SOLARIS
PRO0320030 81.27120.6117 MAN
PRO0320030 946007A050 HYUNDAI
PRO0320030 81.27120.6117 NEOPLAN
PRO0320030 A68054200418 EVOBUS
PRO0320030 5010422334 RENAULT
PRO0320030 3879500610 TATA-DAEWOO
PRO0320030 1505215 DAF
PRO0320030 2090022 SCANIA
PRO0320030 1505215 PACCAR
PRO0320040 41200561 IVECO
PRO0320040 1524828 DAF
PRO0320040 1524828 PACCAR
PRO0320040 41200560 IVECO
PRO0320090 99707007090 FAUN
PRO0320090 505820819 KRONE
PRO0320090 N2255200060 MAN
PRO0320090 5021170124 RENAULT
PRO0320090 WA4410329050 VOLVO
PRO0320100 1021.400.501 SOLARIS
PRO0320100 1400071 DAF
PRO0320100 7C462B372AA FORD
PRO0320100 946007A500 HYUNDAI
PRO0320100 504013848 IVECO
PRO0320100 47900.9X600 NISSAN
PRO0320100 42554824 IVECO
PRO0320100 946007A550 HYUNDAI
PRO0320100 1506149 DAF
PRO0320100 21760204 VOLVO
PRO0320100 2090024 SCANIA
PRO0320100 1505052 PACCAR
PRO0320100 1400071 PACCAR
PRO0320110 A0025423818 DAIMLER
PRO0320110 A0025423818 EVOBUS
PRO0320110 A0025423818 MERCEDES
PRO0320110 1518009 DAF
PRO0320110 1518009 PACCAR
PRO0320110 920100080 SOLARIS
PRO0320110 A0015428818 DAIMLER
PRO0320110 A0015428818 MERCEDES
PRO0320110 A0015428818 EVOBUS
PRO0320110 1531495 DAF
PRO0320160 21296829 VOLVO
PRO0320160 7421296829 RENAULT
PRO0320160 21296829 RENAULT
PRO0320000 A15-0101 DAIMLER
PRO0320000 A15-0101 EVOBUS
PRO0320000 A15-0101 MERCEDES
PRO0320020 A0025422518 DAIMLER
PRO0320020 A0025422518 EVOBUS
PRO0320020 A0025422518 MERCEDES
PRO0320030 A0015423118 DAIMLER
PRO0320030 A0015423118 EVOBUS
PRO0320030 A0015423118 MERCEDES
PRO0320100 A0019050400 DAIMLER
PRO0320100 A0019050400 EVOBUS
PRO0320100 A0019050400 MERCEDES
PRO0320100 A0065427618 DAIMLER
PRO0320100 A0065427618 EVOBUS
PRO0320100 A0065427618 MERCEDES
PRO0320110 A0025422618 DAIMLER
PRO0320110 A0025422618 EVOBUS
PRO0320110 A0025422618 MERCEDES
PRO0320110 A0015423318 DAIMLER
PRO0320110 A0015423318 EVOBUS
PRO0320110 A0015423318 MERCEDES
PRO0320110 A0015428918 DAIMLER
PRO0320110 A0015428918 EVOBUS
PRO0320110 A0015428918 MERCEDES


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